Posture Therapy Slip-On Upper Body Brace

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  • ✔ SAY GOODBYE TO HUNCHING, BACK & SHOULDER PAIN: Remembering to sit and stand up straight in perfect alignment isn't easy (until now). This bad posture corrector helps you undo years of slouching and rounding your upper back, gives you the much-needed support your body seeks, and naturally retrains your natural posture with minimum restriction of movement. Super-padded and lightweight, it's easy to wear at home, work, in the car, or at the gym... even all day!

    ✔ BUILT FOR COMFORT. Some upper body braces have elastic straps that go across your midsection, which chafes and pinches your underarm area and creates unnecessary pressure and bulk. This brace slips easily over your shoulders with 2 super-padded comfort straps that rest gently against your skin without rubbing or digging in. Plus, it's discreet enough to wear under work uniforms, scrubs and medium-weight shirts.

    ✔ CUSTOM FIT - SUITABLE FOR WOMEN, MEN & TEENS - The whole family can benefit from this posture and shoulder corrector - it's designed to fit all genders. Movable D-rings and fully-adjustable straps enable you to customize your fit and level of support. Make it tighter or loosen it up according to your needs. The straps keep the brace firmly, but comfortably, in place - no slipping, twisting, or riding up. Just slip it on, secure it to fit, and get on with your day.

    ✔ UPPER BODY SUPPORT THAT STILL LETS YOU MOVE. Gardening, driving, at the gym or carrying groceries, sometimes your back needs a little help getting it all done. But regular posture braces force you to move like a robot... so what's the point? This posture corrector is lightweight without sacrificing support - so you can sit, drive, walk, lift, turn and bend in proper alignment (and look human while you do it). And it's super-padded for comfortable all-day wear - no chafing, rubbing or pinching.

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Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery

Good purchase

2 days of use.

I had a upper back/neck injury after wearing the support for 10 minutes I could feel the difference and 2 days now of using it the improvement is outstanding.

Great results quickly

A quality product that is easy to fit. You feel the difference as soon as you put it on. Stops you slouching and has improved my posture in a few days. I would highly recommend this product.

Good product - use wisely.

Early days, but after the first 5 days I can feel the difference in my posture. I'm using the product to correct posture, rather than combat pain, but I can feel a difference already as my back and shoulders 'learn' their new positions. I don't try to wear the brace for more than 4-5 hours a day, because you can never forget it's there, but the rewards seem to make that a good deal for a few hours.My plan is to use the brace for a month or two, rather than as a permanent 'crutch', which I think is the right approach

Great Product

Easy to use and gives great support 5*