Posture Therapy Memory Foam Extended Lumbar Cushion

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  • ✔ LUMBAR SUPPORT THAT LASTS ALL DAY: Sitting all day at work, in the car and at home really does a number on your back...but it doesn't have to! Slip this lumbar support cushion on any chair or seat - even larger ones - for a perfect fit & instant, ergonomic positioning and posture correction. The premium, high-density memory foam molds to your shape for not too firm, not too soft support that lasts all day long.

    ✔ HOLISTIC, WHOLE-BACK POSTURE THERAPY & PAIN RELIEF: Smaller lumbar cushions can be great - but if you have upper back and/or shoulder pain, they don't have much to offer you. This cushion covers your whole back, from your lats to your lumbar spine, for healthy, whole-back posture correction. Your lower back gets the love and support it needs - without neglecting your shoulders and upper back (because hey, they need love too!)

    ✔ STRESS-FREE SITTING - ANYWHERE: Sure, you can stuff regular cushions behind your back...and then spend your day re-fluffing them when they go flat, readjusting them when they slip, and picking them up when they fall. With this cushion, you just set it and forget it. It's designed to perfectly fit standard chairs and car seats, and the NEW LONGER EXTENDABLE STRAPS accommodates larger seats and keeps your cushion in place - even as you shift and move around.

    ✔ STAY COOL AND COMFORTABLE: Most memory foam cushions are notorious for retaining heat - and making you sweat. That's why this lumbar cushion comes with a soft, attractive, breathable mesh cover to allow airflow and help wick away your body heat - so your back stays dry and comfortable, even after long periods of use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 217 reviews
helpful for scoliosis aND SPINAL STENOSIS

Have severe stenosis and scoliosis, this does help a lot. Bought through Amazon and when I tried to claim my free gift card for a survey find it is not there.

Back posture solver

Excellent product I had a bad back and posture now silved

Decent support for decent price

I like it, using in my home office

good product

I have a Mitsubishi outlander phev that i use for short, medium and long journeys. The oem seat provides very little lumbar support and promotes very bad posture. The supportiback helps tremendously however it does compromise the driving position somewhat. The downside is tat it pushes you forwars in the seat thus limiting leg room and also means there is very little lateral support when cornering, however overall the product has helped to alleviate lower back pain but helping correct the curvature of the back when seated normally. Overall very impressed with the product but really its an acceptable solution for a very bad problem for which the car manufacturer should be ashamed. Thanks for your help.

Suitable for kitchen chair

Really comfortable on chair not so good in car moves up and down in car