Posture Therapy Lumbar Support Back Brace

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  • ✔︎ INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: Supportiback transforms sitting from back torture to back therapy. Put it on and the pain and pressure is gone, instantly! Supportiback firmly but gently supports your lower back and pelvis. Tuck the microwavable/freezable Therapy Pack into the durable, custom-made temperature-transferring back netting for targeted heat/cold treatment where you need it most. It's an easy, effortless way to relieve your pain - no prescriptions, appointments or time off work required.

    ✔︎ FIXES THE ROOT CAUSE OF BACK PAIN: Supportiback was designed in conjunction with practicing clinicians to train and strengthen your posture muscles so you sit naturally without slouching - no effort required, in as little as 12 minutes a day. Supportiback allows those muscles to work without tiring them out, it's easier for you to maintain proper posture all the time - even when you're standing. You get the support you need, while comfortably and effortlessly retraining your posture.

    ✔︎ SUPER COMFY & EASY TO USE: Supportiback's breathable back pad, comfort corners and overstuffed, slip-resistant knee padding keep you comfy and secure (and sweat-free) all day, while our stronger, longer straps let you custom-fit your Supportiback to your unique shape, size and support needs. Pop it on in 5 seconds flat, and pop it off when you need to get up - it's that simple. The microwavable/freezable Therapy Pack slips easily into the back netting for long-lasting relief that stays put.

    ✔︎ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Supportiback weighs just slightly more than your smartphone and fits neatly into your bag or purse, so you can bring it everywhere you go. Our customers report using their Supportiback at work, school, the movies, sporting events, concerts, on planes - even sitting cross-legged on the ground!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Feeling taller

After just wearing the supportiback for 15minute, I stood up and felt significantly taller. I've been struggling with lower back pain for over 2years, limiting my sports and overall quality of life. This gave me pain relief and afterwards a great feeling of support.

Back rest product

This really works, I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers with back pain.

This product takes off the edge

I have scoliosis which causes me constant pain and distraction, originally sceptical of the product I saw it had a 30 day trial.It is so convenient and you immediately notice the difference, it is great.

A must for those who seat all day

I was a bit sceptical about this product but I am very happy i went ahead and bought it! This product is a must for those who seat all day working in a laptop!


OMG! My package arrived the morning after I ordered it. I pulled it out the box and tried it on immediately. In an instant everything changed! The relief, my posture, it felt amazing. I have scoliosis and always in pain and very very rounded and when I Consciously sit up straight it hurts instantly. But with this it different it felt Incredible! I'm sad I have to go out now coz I wanna keep it on but as soon as I get home it's going on again, can't wait to see improvements over time