Deep Tissue Therapy Foam Muscle Roller

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  • ✔ DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - ANYWHERE: Unlike the traditional back massage roller, this deep tissue foam roller features a multi-dimensional grid texture, designed to target deep knots, kinks, and trigger points and roll them into submission. Multiple density zones help stimulate blood and oxygen flow to sore muscles for faster recovery. It's like having your own personal, portable, on-demand physical therapist!

    ✔ COMFORTABLE, CUSTOMIZED MUSCLE THERAPY: Want to loosen a tight, aching back? Need targeted focus on one specific problem area? This roller has you covered. It's large enough to treat big muscle groups, like your back and glutes, but compact enough to use on smaller spots, like that annoying knot under your shoulder blade or as a neck foam roller. Whether you're a runner, lifter or just suffering from chronic muscle soreness, you'll get the relief and mobility boost you need.

    ✔ BUILT TOUGH: Stubborn muscle pain? Bring it on. Roll in the morning, afternoon, at the gym, before bed... this fitness foam roller supports 200kg of weight and is built to take heavy use. The super-durable EVA foam won't wear down under pressure, and the rigid, sturdy hollow core keeps its shape and structure intact. You won't flatten this thing (though you're welcome to try!)

    ✔ COMPACT & PORTABLE: Unlike large foam rollers, this one is lightweight and compact enough to bring with you to work, school, the gym, traveling - anywhere you need it. Easily fits in a gym or carry-on bag and, since it's hollow, you can pack items inside it... no wasted space! And its small size means you can easily stash it in a closet, on a shelf, or even in your car when you're not using it.

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Customer Reviews

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This is amazing

I love it so much

Comes with instructions

This is a great rollerI have been using one at the gym now i can use my own at homeIt helps relieve back muscle pain


Does the job and cheaper than a physio

Did the trick

Bought it for a lower back injury and helped relieve pain immediately after use! Very pleased

Highly recommend this product (lower back pain sufferer) and company

Fab product, arrived on time and received complimentary back health book by email with a range of excellent exercises and stretches all devised by health professionals (50 pages of really excellent stuff - other suppliers would charge for this I am sure). Great feedback request from the company also - very professional yet personal service.