Comfort Therapy Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

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  • ✔ SINK INTO COMFORTABLE, CUSTOM SUPPORT: Solid memory foam pillows aren't for everybody - sometimes, you want to fluff, bunch and customize your pillow to suit your sleeping style. This pillow is chock-full of shredded memory foam, so you can adjust the loft to your perfect level of comfort - whether you're on your side, back, or stomach (or any other weird position you end up in!) Fluff it up, thin it out - it'll still hold its shape.

    ✔ WAKE UP TO A PAIN-FREE MORNING: Tired of waking up with stiffness, cricks and headaches? This pillow gets rid of them for good. It gently cradles your head and neck, distributing weight and relieving pressure on sensitive areas, while hugging your curves and contours to adjust itself to your movements. And because you're sleeping in perfect alignment, you'll breathe better - and snore less.

    ✔ SLEEP COOL, COMFY & SWEAT-FREE: Most memory foam pillows are notorious for retaining heat - and making you sweat. Shredded memory foam allows for better airflow and ventilation than solid pillows, and a soft, breathable, hypoallergenic washable cover helps wick away your body heat and keep your head and neck dry and comfortable. No need to flip the pillow looking for the cool side - you're on it all night!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 299 reviews
Extremely comfy

It has been 6 months since i buy it and it works perfectly. It is very soft and the head rest nicely. Totally recommended.

Great support

My disks have gone in my neck and this pillow gives complete support

Brilliant, fantastic

These pillows are absolutely amazing. After suffering of backaches, neck pain, stiffness o decide to give it a go. I am very pleased that I purchased these pillows. I don't know what is backache, neck pain anymore!!! Highly recommended. Fantastic all around!

Very comfortable and supportive.

Bought this for my husband, as he had an uncomfortable pillow, he lives this one.

Great pillow great service

This product arrived in a nice bag, when opened it puffed up to its shape fairly quickly, i keep it filled fully with the foam and it is by far the comfiest pillow i have owned, leaps and bounds better than another memory foam pillow bought previously, havent had to clean it yet so cant really rate that but comfort is 5* and the customer service was fab also 5*. Checked inside my pillow as wary of some of the other reviews, but nothing bad or off putting in mine just loads of shredded foam. Took about 1-2 hours to fully expand and havent gone a night without it since, has given me a good nights sleep for first time in months as suffer from neck and back pain. Pillow was delivered late by 1 day but communication by seller was great, new what was going on every step of the way and received a free ebook about posture etc also on a followup email.