Comfort Therapy Memory Foam Pillow

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  • ✔ SORRY, REGULAR PILLOWS...YOU'RE OUT OF A JOB: Regular pillows force you to lie either too flat or at an odd angle, with your head and neck in an unnatural position. This pillow, with its doctor-designed Comfort Contours, keeps your head and neck in perfect alignment with your spine - no matter if you're on your back or on your side.

    ✔ WAKE UP TO A PAIN-FREE MORNING: Tired of waking up with stiffness, cricks and headaches? This pillow gets rid of them for good. Orthopedic comfort contours gently cradle your head and neck, distributing weight and relieving pressure on sensitive areas. And because you're sleeping in perfect alignment, you'll breathe better - and snore less.

    ✔ SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT IN CUSTOM COMFORT: With regular pillows, you have to flip, fluff and bunch them up to find that perfect level of comfort - and, inevitably, wake up in the night to fix them. Not this pillow! Premium, high-density, pressure sensitive memory foam hugs the curves and contours of your head and neck, and adjusts itself to your movements. You stay comfortable - and asleep - all night.

    ✔ NO PILLOW-FLIPPING REQUIRED: Most memory foam pillows are notorious for retaining heat - and making you sweat. That's why this orthopedic pillow comes with heat-dissipating gel technology and a breathable cover to help wick away your body heat and keep your head and neck dry and comfortable. No need to flip it over to the 'cool side' - you're on it, all night long.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 328 reviews
Worth the price!

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & other memory foam pillows hadn't helped to keep my neck and shoulder joints in place overnight. I was a little nervous to spend so much money on a pillow but the difference in my pain levels when I wake up is impressive. The gel is lovely and cooling on irritated joints.

It works well!

GOOD PILLOW. I sleep better and the neck and shoulder pain has gone.

Really Good

Had severe head and neck pain and this has been wonderful to reduce that!!!

Excellent choice for neck and shoulder aches

before, I would wake up with stiff neck and achey shoulders frequently. Since using this pillow, the aches are less frequent and I a getting better sleep.

Very good

very comfortable sleep since having this special pillow, after suffering years of neck pain