Comfort Therapy Maternity Belt

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  • ✔ LET'S BE REAL - BEING PREGNANT CAN BE UNCOMFORTABLE: Yes, it's a wonderful, joyous time and all but...ouch! Your quickly growing belly can just as quickly lead to strain and pain in your lower back, hips and pelvic floor. It's just what happens - but that doesn't mean you have to just grin & bear it. This maternity belt wraps around to hug and lift your baby bump, and get rid of strain, pulling and pressure.

    ✔ ENJOY BEING PREGNANT AGAIN: Pregnancy shouldn't keep you from getting things done. Working, walking, sitting, even exercising - this belt cradles and supports your growing belly so you can go about your day without back, hip or pelvic discomfort. Plus, it's easy to hide under most clothing - so it won't be noticeable at the office (except maybe to the ever-present belly-touchers...we haven't figured out how to prevent those yet!)

    ✔ SOFT & STRETCHY: Some maternity belts rely on stiff materials to provide support. This belt is made of super-soft, stretchable material that provides gentle compression, and wraps around you to secure in place with velcro - no hard snaps or fasteners. A slight curved pocket at the front fits your belly and offers reinforced support without added pressure. Plus, it's fully adjustable to fit all stages of pregnancy.

    ✔ COOL & COMFORTABLE: A maternity belt is supposed to make you more comfortable - so why do so many of them make you hot and sweaty? This lightweight belt is made from breathable fabric to encourage and allow airflow - and keep you comfy, cool and dry all day.

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Customer Reviews

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Maternity support belt

Tank you arrived in time and my wife is very happy .She said is supporting very well and I am pleased ,I recommend this seller to my friend

Comfy and Super Supportive

i was baffled by the amount of choice, but so glad I went with this belt, it's really comfy and easy to put on and most importantly gives the support that I need for these last weeks of pregnancy


The belt helps me with my pelvic pain as I'm pregnant and I was on pain but with the belt now I'm feeling better.

Provides great support and really helps to keep active in pregnancy.

This has really helped me stay active during the final few weeks of pregnancy. Before I started wearing it walking was getting increasingly difficult but this band just helps you feel well supported and helps with good posture. I highly recommend it. Does make the baby wriggle a bit though, so only wear it to walk around in or if standing for long periods!

Comfortable and helpful

The maternity belt is comfortable to wear and it did help with my lower back pain and pelvic pain (it actually helped more than I had expected).