Posture Therapy Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

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  • ✔ FINALLY...SITTING FEELS GOOD AGAIN: Sitting all day at work, in the car and at home really does a number on your back...but it doesn't have to! Slip this lumbar support cushion on any chair or seat for instant, ergonomic positioning and posture correction. The premium, visco-elastic memory foam molds to your natural shape for not too firm, not too soft support that lasts all day long. Lower back pain, sciatica pain, disc pain? It doesn't stand a chance.

    ✔ PAIN WHEN YOU SIT? THIS IS SHAPED TO FIT: Flat support cushions provide some relief, but can't give you targeted support where you need it most - your lower back. The ergonomic shape of this cushion fits neatly into the natural curve of your lumbar spine, taking the pressure off and helping you sit properly. The back of the cushion fits flush against the back of your seat, and NEW LONGER EXTENDABLE STRAPS let you position your cushion to fit your height and size - even on larger seats.

    ✔ STRESS-FREE SITTING - ANYWHERE: Sure, you can stuff regular cushions behind your back...and then spend your day re-fluffing them when they go flat, readjusting them when they slip, and picking them up when they fall. With this cushion, you just set it and forget it. It's designed to fit most standard chairs and car seats, and the extendable, adjustable fastener strap accommodates larger seats and keeps it in place - even as you shift and move around.

    ✔ STAY COOL AND COMFORTABLE: Most memory foam cushions are notorious for retaining heat - and making you sweat. That's why this lumbar cushion comes with a soft, attractive, breathable mesh cover to allow airflow, and is made with eco-friendly memory foam that adjusts to your body heat - so your back stays dry and comfortable, even after long periods of use. So comfy, you'll forget it's there!

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Customer Reviews

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Well made, easy to use, improves your quality of life

Good quality, comfortable to use. I probably need an even firmer cushion as my lumbar spine injury is quite bad but (depending on which car I'm driving), this is a good product which definitely makes driving easier.


I did a long haul flight, slept on an unfamiliar bed, then sat in a collapsing, sloppy chair. When I stood up I had a searing pain across the lower back on one side and couldn't walk without propping myself up on furniture. I bought this cushion. I've been sitting with it whenever I sit for about four days. No more pain. I still have to be careful and not do the fandango, but I'm delighted with the results. The material is a lovely soft plush and it comes with a strap to fix to an office chair if that's needed. Highly recommended.

Very comfortable

Very nice and good quality back support

Great support

I suffer with back pains when sitting on my office chair and the back support helps me to sit more comfortably.

It works!

The back support is great! It fits snugly with my back shape and it leaves me feeling supported after a long drive. The only two issues I have with the product is throughout the cold nights the product gets really stiff. This means in the morning the support is extremely uncomfortable for the first 10/20 minutes. However once it has warmed up it flexes and adjusts to the pressure points from your spine. From that point on it works very well. The second issue is the fixing to the seat. Often I have to re-adjust my body position until the product is exactly where i want it. If there was a more secure fixing mechanism which would allow the product to stay fastened and fixed to my seat that would be good. Then I wouldn't have to adjust it so much before it fits perfectly as I like it. Other than those two minor issues, the product is perfect! Thank you.