Orthopedic Trigger Point Self Massager

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  • ✔ DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - ANYWHERE: Whether you're stiff from sitting all day or sore after a tough workout, this trigger massager lets you reach and treat your whole body, from the bottoms of your feet to the back of your neck. 6 Therapy Knobs relieve trigger points, knots and sore muscles on the spot - 2 are strategically placed a couple inches apart to specifically target tense neck and thigh muscles. It's your personal, portable, on-demand physical therapist.

    ✔ COMFORTABLE, CUSTOMIZED MUSCLE THERAPY: Unlike foam or stick rollers, this massager has a hook shape to help you easily access awkward spots like your upper, mid and lower back, shoulder blades and glutes - without needing to get on the ground or twist yourself into a pretzel. You control the intensity - use a light touch to relax tense muscles and get a rejuvenating massage, or up the pressure to target deep aches, knots and kinks.

    ✔ NATURAL, LASTING PAIN RELIEF, PREVENTION & RECOVERY: It's estimated that up to 85% of muscle pain comes from small 'knots' deep in the tissue. Supportiback Deep Tissue Therapy Trigger Massager is designed to reach those knots and break them up, reducing pain. Use before exercise to loosen muscles, increase mobility and prevent injury, and after to break down fascia adhesions, increase blood flow and speed recovery.

    ✔ TOUGH ON KNOTS, GENTLE ON YOU: This lightweight, ergonomically-designed massager is comfortable to hold, even for longer sessions - no slipping or thumb, finger or wrist cramping. And the professional-grade, high-density, eco-friendly polyethylene construction means no warping or breaking, no matter how much pressure you apply. Plus, it's BPA & PBDE free...so you can even use it in the shower!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Weird looking but really works

Delivered quickly and really works at giving you pressure point access. Has really helped me carry on the work started by my physio and had been effective at pain management.

... on all those knots and a aching muscles - great for getting to bits you can't reach otherwise

strangest thing but it really does work on all those knots and a aching muscles - great for getting to bits you can't reach otherwise.


It arrived ok.Basically a gimmicky back scratcher. Works though.

Must have for those suffering back pain!

I absolutely love this product. I have back issues that I recieve physiotherapy for. This allows me to reach and massage the areas I cannot normall to give me relief until my next appointment. It has released a lot of tightness and pain in my shoulder blades. It is almost life changing with the difference it has made. It does take a while to get use to and use but it is definitely worth it.

A very handy tool for pain relief

It's really good! Makes my back ache much less than usual. Would definitely recommend.