Comfort Therapy Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion

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  • ✔ FINALLY...SITTING FEELS GOOD AGAIN: Sitting all day at work, in the car and at home really does a number on your back...but it doesn't have to! Slip this gel seating support cushion on any chair or seat for instant, ergonomic positioning and posture correction. The premium memory foam molds to your shapes for not too firm, not too soft support that lasts all day long. And it virtually eliminates pain from sitting in one place for too long!

    ✔ PAIN WHEN YOU SIT? THIS IS SHAPED TO FIT: Regular seation cushions slip, lose shape, and don't offer ergonomic, therapeutic support for your for your legs and tailbone. This cushion fits neatly into the natural curves of your lumbar, provides custom support for your legs, and has a u-shaped cutout area for your tailbone - so you can sit comfortably for longer.

    ✔ STAY COOL & COMFORTABLE ALL DAY: Most seating cushions are notorious for retaining heat - and making you sweat. That's why this seating cushion comes with heat-dissipating gel technology and a breathable cover to allow that wicks away the body heat and keeps you cool and sweat-free all day - even after many hours of use!

    ✔ COMPACT, DURABLE & EASILY WASHABLE: Just grab your seating cushion by its handle and lug it anywhere with you. It's lightweight, and you'll want to - It provides an unmatched cozy (and at the same time therapeutic) comfort anywhere you're sitting and it's designed to fit most standard seats and car seats. You won't notice it's there, but you'll be sure to notice the benefits!

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Customer Reviews

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Fairly good

This product was easy to order and it arrived very quickly and in very excellent condition. I brought it because I have sciatica. Unfortunately, it did nothing to help the pain. It is vey comfortable to sit on and I am sure it can help my sitting position.

Seat cushion

You could never imagine the amount of pain shingles can cause a person and boy did I have a real bad case of them. I could not stand, sit, eat or sleep, in a real bad way until the gel seating cushion was purchased. Oh to be able just to sit down and it cooled all the blisters as well. It took over two months for the pain to go and this has now been in use for over three, still sitting on it and it's just as comfy as the day it arrived, cool keeps it shape and pops back as soon as you stand up. I don't know what I would have done or managed without my supportiback cushion,it was the worst time of my life and you got me through it. Thank you so much.

The gel seating cushion is comfortable

Comfy and relives my sciatica making my life pain free when sitting at my office desk at home doing my studies.The product feels well made and keeps its shape.

My hip and back pain has gone!

Using it for support at work daily and it has made a considerable difference and reduced my pain significantly! Amazing.


Fantastic really comfortable