Comfort Therapy CoolGel Memory Foam Neck Pillow + Travel Bag

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  • ✔ AN ESSENTIAL PART OF YOUR TRAVEL KIT: Say goodbye to stiff necks, numb lower backs, and searing headaches! This pillow lets you fall asleep comfortably and wake up refreshed and pain-free, no matter where you're sitting. The u-shaped design wraps around and supports your neck and head, and keeps them properly aligned with your spine.

    ✔ WEIGHTLESS SUPPORT FOR A RESTFUL SLEEP: Ever drift off in the car and wake up in a weird, uncomfortable position? Not with this pillow. A feather-light, premium-quality memory foam core cradles your head and neck - keeping you upright without weighing you down - and forms to your shape for customized, continuous support & comfort on long plane, train or car rides.

    ✔ HELPS YOU STAY COOL: Most memory foam pillows are notorious for retaining heat - and making you sweat. That's why this form-fitting pillow comes with cooling gel technology to help dissipate your body heat and keep your head and neck dry and comfortable.

    ✔ COMPACT & CUSTOMIZABLE: Whether you use the travel bag or slip it in your carry-on, this super-soft cushion is compact enough to bring with you wherever you go. Just slip it around your neck, use the adjustable straps to customize your fit and level of support - and keep the pillow in place while you sleep - and nap the miles away. Need to store it? No problem - slip it back in the travel bag, and tuck it away.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
A good buy!

The travel pillow arrived promptly and in good condition. It is well made and has a number of features absent from most other travel pillows - notably (for us) a carry-bag and the ability to remove the outer cover for washing.

Great neck support

A brilliant neck support. I love the velor feel of the cover and the soft and flexible memory foam. Can't wait to use it on my next trip


Would not be without this neck collar

An unprecedented comfort

This therapy neck travel has changed my life for the better. My manager is a very cheap person and he would only book us on the cheapest airlines and as my work requires weekly flights, sleeping during the flight is not a choice. This comfort therapy neck travel pillow has made my flights endurable, and indeed enjoyable. I wish they can come up with a solution that makes life with my manager equally endurable.


This is a very very comfy travel pillow i wish i had one years ago