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In 2015, Ben Dohmen and Santiago Nestares, hunched over their computers for hours as they did coding work on their computers, struck up a friendship and discovered they had something painful in common: aching backs.

They went to stores and clinics and searched for the best solutions to solve their pain. They tried dozens of products, therapies and techniques to help with their back pain. Many of them had great features, but just weren't full solutions for them. 

Finally they started making their own prototype to solve their problem. They spent weeks tinkering with anything they could find to help get back support (there are still taped together marmalade jar lids for lumbar support floating around their apartments). It took over a year and hundreds of different combinations to land upon a product prototype that worked better than anything out there. Supportiback was born.

They had no idea how many people were suffering from back pain when this all began. They felt way too young to have back pain. Friends and family would see them wearing the early Supportiback prototypes and ask to try them. They began to do more research and were blown away by what they found.  They then decided to make more -- and invest time and money into making it better.

After working intensely with many leading designers, doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and other experts, the two began working with manufacturers to build high quality, well crafted and incredibly comfortable posture products they would be proud to see their parents wear. And your parents too, if they don’t have awesome backs.



This is how the two partners, Ben Dohmen and Santiago Nestares, set out on their mission to save their own aching backs by partnering with the world’s leading doctors, osteopaths and physical therapists to design something they couldn’t find – affordable back support products that offered immediate relief while improving posture.

When they first mentioned Supportiback to their families and close friends, they were told they were crazy to launch a product in this category, competing with established, multi-billion dollar companies and gigantic clinics.

Later that year, after hitting upon a life-changing design discovery, they introduced the world to the Supportiback lower-lumbar back brace.  Then their friends and families tried Supportiback. They still told them they were crazy, but they also admitted that Supportiback was fantastic! Now, the original Supportiback brace is #1 in back pain relief, and the Supportiback brand is a trusted resource for dozens of back and neck support products for the home, car, office and more.

Supportiback helps people relieve and prevent back pain, allowing them to be their best selves and unlock their full potential. Without health, that is impossible; it is the foundation for everything else.



At Supportiback we spare no expense when it comes to research, in part because we rely on our own products for back pain relief. 
Our R&D Team consists of top medical doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and more.

We spend a lot of time sourcing the right materials and studying the best medical and orthopedic technologies to produce the highest-quality products to create long-lasting back pain relief. We take pride in manufacturing in small batches so we can continuously listen to feedback, make improvements as needed and ensure our products are most effective. Even more, our carefully curated Medical Advisory Board with leading back pain experts quality-approves almost every single production batch.

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